I'm Sorry For Your Loss...

April 12, 2018

"Oh, I'm SO sorry for your loss..."


This is something that's quite common to hear when the shadowy veil of death penetrates life's bubble.


Growing up, we hear this phrase a lot and for me, I have never really understood the saying.


Now, let's make sure we cover a certain point; anyone who says this line, ISN'T in the wrong, nor will I have any type of judgement, I just have never grasped the concept.


Originally, I was puzzled when one would say they're sorry. I mean, what did YOU do to me that you're sorry for?


After asking around and looking online, I found a general conclusion that the actual word "sorry" is derived from the word "sorrow", that the individual is only saying that they feel sorrow for you and the situation.


Having a better understanding of where it comes from, I no longer give that puzzled look when someone says it but look at it from their perspective of one feeling sorrow and sympathy.


In MY opinion, which is why I have my own blog, I think we could put more effort into these first sentences we say to one who has lost a loved one instead of such a common phrase. What are you TRYING to say by saying "I'm sorry for your loss" and use those words.


I always say, "Sending healing energies to you and yours."


If you can't think of anything, sure, go to the original as we've found out that the true meaning is genuine.



For me, some of the best things that my friends and family say have been things so simple like:

  • "Dude, that sucks. Can I come over?"

  • "Want to hang out?"

And of course my favorite,

  • "FUCK!"

No matter what words you choose, say them from your heart and love with the best of your ability.

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