March 26, 2018


Hands clasped while steering

the wheels revolving towards the hospital.

Gasoline flows. Tubes concealing. Needle

loaded. Fingers inject liquid

through the spine. Numbness flows


the bottom half anesthetized.


Fear creeps

in and out, the knife.


Gouging, slicing, piercing, prying

skin folds back. Guts exposed, red flows

around the opening, gauze surrounds.


Deeper cuts, next layer penetrated

exposing rare flesh. Never seen light

this muscle, now separated and revealing

a son;

his father, tears flow.



This is a poem that shows a more literal perspective on when my son came into this world. As beautiful as those moments were, the realism of the situation had sunken in during reflection of this time.


What do you think?

When Should You Quit?

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